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Landfill is often the only available option for the major part of solid waste disposal. As landfill space continues to dwindle, it is urgent that a sound, integrated waste management strategy is developed.

Checycle™ System Chevision Environmental has developed a comprehensive and systematic solution to the problem.

The Checycle System reduces the volume of nonrecyclabe waste to 10% of the total collected waste. Therefore, it eliminated 90% of the total waste produced. Substantially less collection effort is needed and less garbage is left. As a result, fewer and smaller landfill sites are needed and the impact on surface and ground water quality is reduced, this will result in the elimination of incinerators and their impact on the environment.

Transportation technology must address the demand to protect the ozone layer. Chevision is tackling the challenge in this area of environmental stewardship by developing less polluting but viable alternative sources of energy. The ultimate goal of Chevision is to be the industry leader by introducing market-driven, innovative products and equipment.

Chevision technology has designed and is developing prototypes of new automobile and other engines which will use pollution-fighting alternative fuel. Chevision has introduced a new concept in non-polluting transportation designed for the needs and particular prerequisites of third world nations. Chevision is poised already to market a new concept in strength-magnifying material handling equipment. These will complement Chevision long list of present and future products designed to benefit the consumer.

Development of such imaginative approaches will assist in the protection of the environment and help to maintain a prosperous economy.

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